Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 : Legendary Edition

Experience an authentic experience of soccer in Pro Evolution Soccer 2018: Legendary Edition. Control the new and greatest stars of the game coming from diverse parts of the world. All-round realism makes sure that this installment of PES is the game that you do not want to miss.

In various situations, you take the benefit of auto-shielding and many times, it does feel natural despite not needing anything from the player. With the changes made in the gameplay along the additions makes the playing experience great than ever. Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Legendary Edition does come with:

PS4 Disc

Usain Bolt Agent For MYCLUB

PES Legend Agent For MYCLUB

FCB Special Agent

1,000 MYCLUB Coins

Premium Partner Agents For MYCLUB 80+

UCL Agent For MYCLUB 75+

Partner Agent 75+

4x Start Up Agents

10,000 GP X 10 Weeks

Window Decal


Sports Bag

Fidget Spinner

Through these add-ons, one can easily play the gameplay in a way that was not present in the other installments. It also inherits a new mode dedicated to the 2v2 and 3v3 co-play with the support of local guests to experience it.

Game details: Pro Evolution Soccer

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Enthrall yourself with this year’s version of PES in the form of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018. The football simulator from Konami is here for another season. It does comes with new gameplay featuring master class techniques like strategic dribbling, Real Touch+ as well as new set pieces.

There are all new menus and real player images to make user interface simple taking the gameplay to the next level. In this installment, there is an online Co-op mode dedicated to the co-operative and multiplayer playing.

The enhanced visual reality experience comes with new lightning, reworked player models and animations to increase the impact of the gameplay while playing. With the 17th installment of Pro Evolution Soccer, you do get new features, modes and an unmatched gaming experience like never before.

With the game, you do get bonus myClub content:

  • 4x Start Up Agents
  • 1x Partner Club Agent
  • 10,000 GP x 10 weeks

Through the PES League integration, you can compete with the players of PES league in new modes along with the myClub. Everything from the facial expressions to the body movements are real in the game bring it back to life like no other game has done.


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