Pro Evolution Soccer 2018: Legendary Edition

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

Elite Dangerous Legendary Edition

Agents of Mayhem

Agents of Mayhem

Agents of Mayhem is the latest creation of the developers behind the popular Saints Row game series. It is the latest open-world action game where there is no hold on the way of your working. The game does pay homage to the heroes of live-action series running in the 80s and 90s.

In the game, you do run a no control operation against a super-villain agency that is known as LEGION and is run by Morningstar. After the attacks on the Devil’s night, LEGION’s ministries do hold the cities of the world. The personal domain of the mad scientists of LEGION is Seoul where they are backed up by supporting villains.

Play as super agents and each agent has its own look, personality, skills as well as weaponry. Spoil the vile plans of LEGION looking out to take over the world and rout the organization from the city of Seoul before it is too late.

The game is filled with fun moments and endearing moments making you laugh aloud while playing it. You can switch the characters at any given moment to use their abilities to fight the huge number of enemies. Experience the solid combat and mindless fun at its best in the game.

Splatoon 2

Sequel to the popular third-person shooter game Splatoon is here. The game is playable by eight players in an online match against each other in four versus four. Control the characters known as inklings and use the ink of diverse colors to attack the opponents as well as achieve the goals.

Alternation to humanoid form is also available allowing the players to easily switch from inklings. The game features a single person mode known as Hero mode where the player has to battle diverse levels fighting the evil Octarians. There are almost familiar and easy 32 missions available in the Single player mode.

New weapons can also be earned unlike the previous installment. Players can play multiplayer online through an internet connection. The story of the game starts initially after the ending of Splatfest’s first game. Additions done in the multiplayer and single player mode is commendable for the lovers of last installment.

The new Salmon Run co-operative mode is quite addicting and the game comes with the promise of update to nurture the gameplay. Splatoon 2 is more enjoying than the last version allowing you to be hooked to it for a really long time.

It is available for every game-lover out there.


Matterfall is a side scrolling shooter game that does inherit the platforming elements. Coming with a storyline based on futuristic science fiction world dealing with the infection caused by an alien material called Smart Matter.

The player does take the control of the character named Avalon Darrow owning a battle suit that is fully armored. Players have to blast the aliens to eradicate the cause of the infection; they can jump and dodge also to avoid the attacks. The character is capable to create platforms to explore the environment.

Shields are easy to generate to deflect the attacks of enemies. Manipulate the futuristic cities of the game to take down the enemy hordes. Use an arsenal of matter infused weapons to use the environment as per you want to take advantage of it. Play in epic locations that come with Fortuna City, Hydroponics and Matter Mines.

Fight the enemies that are infected with Red Matter and try to manipulate the Blue Matter to turn the environment as per your advantage.

Level up your performance in the levels to reach a higher score and be on top of the leader boards ahead of other players. Master the aerial agility, sliding and leaping abilities to perform better.

Valkyria Revolution

Enhance your love for tactical role-playing games with Valkyria Chronicles. Set in Europa on the early years of World War II, the place is ruled by the Empire and the Federation. Both of the parties do control the divided parts of the place.

In an attempt to secure the invaluable resource Ragnite, Empire is keen to invade the principality Gallia bordering the divided parts. The players have to take the command of the Gallian Militia named Squad 7 operating to repel the invasion of East European Imperial Alliance.

The visuals of the game are more like the CANVAS graphics engine of SEGA similar to motion paintings made with pencil. There are multiple characters in the game and each character present in the game fulfills certain roles at every instance. During a combat, the environment does favors heavily and can be used as the person wants to.

Through their troops, the player must complete various conditions for the purpose of achieving full victory. Players will surely immerse themselves in the epic storyline where they have to decide the fate of the world.

Over the 100 customizable characters are there to allow the person to make platoons suiting the battle’s need to win it with ease

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition

Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Game of the Year Edition comes with a lot more than people thought for it. The game won over 50 ‘Best of 2014’ awards as well as the Game of the Year, Best Action Game and Most innovative game.

The good game story in an interactive way makes most of people to play the game for long. In this bundle, there are all the DLC released so far. With this edition, you can easily experience the open world similar to Lord of the Rings. The pack comes with:

  • The Lord of the Hunt Story Pack
  • The Bright Lord Story Pack
  • Test of Power Challenge Mode
  • Test of Speed Challenge Mode
  • Test of Wisdom Challenge Mode
  • Test of the Wild Challenge Mode
  • Lithariel Skin
  • Hidden Blade Rune
  • Deadly Archer Rune
  • Flame of Anor Rune
  • Rising Storm Rune
  • Orc Slayer Rune
  • Defiant to the End Rune
  • Elven Grace Rune
  • Ascendant Rune
  • One with Nature Rune
  • Guardians of the Flaming Eye Warband Mission
  • The Berserks Warband Mission
  • The Skull Crushers Warband Mission
  • The Bloodhunters Mission
  • The Flesh Burners Mission
  • Photo Mode
  • Test of the Ring Challenge Mode
  • Endless Challenge Mode
  • Test of Defiance
  • The Dark Ranger Skin
  • Captain of the Watch Skin
  • Lord of the Hunt Skin
  • The Bright Lord Skin
  • Power of Shadow Skin

Yesterday Origins

Yesterday Origins comes with the adventure that genre fans will do not want to miss. The game does take the immortal heroes John Yesterday and his other half Pauline to journey that is fascinating at every bit. The journey does not only take the player across the world as well as the history. The interwoven narration of the game clearly gives the characters reach its depth and richness.

Set in the year 1481, the young John was made to undergo an alchemic ritual making him immortal. After 500 years, John is immortal and lives with his immortal partner Pauline. With his immortality, John does forget everything regarding the past when he dies and comes to the same age he died first.

Both of the characters in the game are on a journey to capture a special artifact that allow John Yesterday to repeat the alchemic ritual in the correct way to allow him to avoid the memory loss after death. On the quest, solve some of the craziest puzzles and immerse yourself on a path that is filled with unexpected turns.

The visual style and story is almost realistic, grasping every bit of detail like the player wants it to experience.


Encounter an all-new and different combat game that focuses on multiplayer gaming with Deformers. It is a third-person smashing all the opponents’ game coming fast and frantic gameplay. Every player leads a group of people named forms battling each other in action packed melee combat.

The fight is for supremacy and the players can choose the appropriate species from Mutants, Abstracts, Munchies, and Animals. Select your favorite forms among the available 40 to face off each other better. Express your emotions in a better way through eighty tags, taunts and emotes to your enemies as well as friends. Give a try to your skills in three Game modes at launch in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Form Ball.

Select your playstyle in the available five powerful and unique The Ranger, the Guardian, the Striker, the Speedster, and the Marksman. There are almost nine Arenas spanning environments like arid deserts, ancient ruins, and billowing circus tents. Customize your forms through the hundreds of different styles and personalize your look. Stand out from the crowd while battling with others.

Conquer and consume, the rules are simple, roll, dash, throw and defend in the game to win. Become cute to crazy in a matter of seconds in the game