Elite Dangerous: Legendary Edition

Encounter the epic space multiplayer game in the form of Elite Dangerous Legendary Edition. Set in the year 3303, the game retains the basic areas of the previous installments.

Players do have to start with a spaceship and little sum of money trying hard to make their way in an open galaxy. Witness the 400 billion star systems at a scale of 1:1 inheriting full galactic and technological simulation based on the real scientific facts. Enjoy infinite freedom as you can play the game as you want and earn the skill, knowledge, wealth and power to compete with people who are the best.

Be on your path and experience a narrative that continuously evolves and is driven for the player. The game is a living one as it is always growing with the inclusion of major gameplay through ongoing season expansions. The story of every player connects with gaming encounter and narrative crafted for him or her.

In the open-world adventure, see the modern generation visuals and be a part of galactic superpowers and interstellar wars. The entire Milky Way is recreated at its full galactic proportions to give the players a magnificent gaming experience like never before in the series.

GAME DETAILS : Elite Dangerous: Legendary Edition